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Annual bonfire

Weather permitting we will hold the annual bonfire on Saturday 10th November starting at 5.00pm.

Can you please leave any rubbish that will burn and you want to dispose of at the end of your plots by lunchtime on the 10th.

There will be hot soup on the night so please just bring along your own mug.

If anyone is able to make soup can you please let Dean or Gill know on 872132.
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July On The Plot

Now is the time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of all your labour over the last few months. Maintenance is the order of business, staying on top of the weeds and pests during the warmer weather. Any areas not being used for growing can be given a good layer of mulch read for next seasons growing.

Sowing - Outdoors

French Beans
Japanese Onions
Salad Onions
Spring Cabbage


Brussel Sprouts
Winter Cabbage


Broad Beans
Summer Cabbage
French Beans
Runner Beans
Summer Cabbage

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Looking Good

A few photos from the site. Looks like the nice weather has enticed the plants out of the greenhouse and onto the plots. 

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2016 AGM Minutes

Hurley Allotment Association: Committee Meeting.

Meeting held 29th January 2016 at 7.30pm.
Present: Alex Simpson, Sylvia Burns, David Williams, Dean Snowden, Ron Westwood, Sue Rodger. Apologies: Tony Allton.
Minutes: Julie Williams.
1) Minutes of the last meeting: Minutes from 26th November 2015 approved.
2) Matters arising/ outstanding actions:
Working party held on 21st November 2015 was a success. Trees were trimmed, chippings were moved to along the hedge and at the top of the site. Bird boxes were put up and the toilet was cleaned. Sylvia has arranged a temporary stop to the chippings and will advise when we want some more.
Following on from the plot inspections, letters were drafted but not sent to the 3 plot holders. Sylvia will re draft these letters and send out with reminders for the AGM.
Donated bench: Still to be collected. Sue has advised that it is still available.
Cherry Tree: Dean had been looking at the various varieties on offer. Some are self- fertile costing around £20 to £30. After discussion, Dean will order the tree online.
Equipment: David has been looking at the various types of strimmers and hedge cutters available. Discussions around the type of tools we need now, hedge trimmer, and what we would like, a strimmer that everyone can use. We need to look at costs and how sturdy some of these are. David will look again and report his findings.
3) Update:
North Warwickshire Federation: AGM Awards evening 2016. This was held at Hurley Village Hall. They like to move around the area. They are keen to promote the annual awards. You have to enter rather than be automatically entered. We will discuss this at the AGM. First time plot holders can enter as well, there will be extra categories. They are looking to hold open days at the various sites.
National gardens, Coventry area, have employed someone to run a vermin control course. This costs around £75. Sylvia has advised that we are potentially interested.
4) AGM Planning:
Revised date 26th February 2016. Hall booked. Start time 7.30, committee to meet at 7pm.
Sue Rodger is unsure of whether to continue on the committee due to other commitments, she will decide on the night once we know whether anyone else would like to stand. Sylvia will invite volunteers in the paperwork sent out for the AGM.
Dean needs to be re-elected on the night, we can have 10 members.
Guest speaker: Sylvia will try to get someone.
Treasurers Report: draft accounts discussed. Waiting for further information from Ron.
Membership cards: Sue is checking whether they still have the art work in order to print more cards.
Agenda for AGM is to include the summer event, food, ideas for the future, to see whether Andy Simmons would like to join the committee.

Meeting closed.

2017 AGM Minutes

Hurley Allotment Association: Minutes of AGM 30 March 2017

Present: Committee: Alex Simpson (Chair) Sylvia Burns (Secretary), Tony Allton, David Williams, Dean Snowden, Richard Lee (Treasurer), Andy Simmons.
Minutes: Julie Williams.
Apologies: Sue Rodger.

Apologies: Plot holders: Tom and Paul.

Minutes of 2015 AGM.
The minutes of the last AGM dated 26 February 2016 were presented to the meeting and accepted as a true record. Copies will be added to the website.

Matters Arising/ Outstanding Actions:
Picnic tables: No work carried out in 2016.

Chairman’s Report: 
This is our 7th AGM. 2016 was another successful year with all the plots taken. Plot 11 became available during the year and was cleared by the committee in preparation for the new tenant. In the autumn we took advantage of the plot to hold a bonfire party. Despite the weather the event was well attended, the food was excellent and the company even better. The fire gave plot holders a chance to clear any combustible waste so saved a double purpose. We hope to repeat this event in 2017.
Plots have become vacant in the last few weeks. We can now welcome Angela and Lucy. We still have one and a half plots still left to let so will be advertising this shortly.
The composting toilet known as ‘The Chapel’ continues to function well and Sylvia would like to thank the other ladies who have come forward to share the task of keeping the toilet clean.
HAA was able to enter the North Warwickshire Federation Awards and were awarded first prize winning £100 and a shield which is on display in the Chapel. Ann and Terry took on a very over grown plot in November 2015 and by May 2016 the plot was probably the best on the site. They won the Federation’s BEST NEWCOMER award. This is the second time that new comers at Hurley have entered and won this award
During the year, Richard Lee volunteered to become our Treasurer and will be presenting the accounts later. We remain in a good financial position and have money to spend.
Tonight we have elections to the committee. The original committee members need to seek re- election and Richard will need to be formally elected. There are vacant seats should anyone like to be considered.
Last year we agreed a policy for cutting the hedge. We agreed we would maintain the hedge about one foot above the wooden posts and that with the exception of the side of the hedge along the bottom path the hedge would only be cut in late autumn and early spring. Once the hedge starts to open, it will be allowed to grow in order to provide a safe haven for nesting birds. So please do not cut the hedge without checking with a committee member.
A big thank you for everyone who helps maintain the allotment site. In addition to maintaining their own plots, there is a group of plot holders who regularly give time to cut hedges, mow the grass and trim trees.
Treasurer’s Report: Richard provided the Financial Statements for the year ended 31 December 2016. Income includes the subscriptions together with prize monies.
We continue to pay membership of the NSALG this provides access to their website, Sylvia will re send the details to get onto this, and Legal Advice for members. £3 per plot holder.
Rents to stay the same for 2016, helps to cover any repairs and invest in the site. £36 and £20.
Monies include the bond of £1,700, now in a separate trust account.
We have a float of around £500, with surplus funds of £500 which we will use to provide equipment for the site.
The plotholders accepted the accounts for 2016.

Election of Committee Members: 
All existing committee members have indicated that they are willing to continue on the committee as they are due for re-election this year. (Sylvia, David, Alex and Sue.) Dean and Andy Simmons are both part way through their time. Richard Lee also needs to be formally elected onto the committee. No objections were made to the appointments.
If anyone wishes to be on the committee, they can approach Sylvia. Most meetings will be open meeting with plot holders and committee members, however, closed meetings will be held by the committee if needed.
Sylvia mentioned that it would be great if someone could be the contact point with the Federation and also someone to look after the website as this has not been updated for quite a while. Andy has volunteered to liaise with the federation while John Jenkins will look at the website.

AOB/ Informal Discussions: Plans for the year.

Equipment for the site:
Discussed and agreed on equipment required - specifics can be given on request.
Notice Board: Carl is going to look at the board, give it a coat of varnish and replace the catches in order that we could use a combination lock on it.
Key Safe: Advised all plot holders of the combination.
Chippings: Sylvia will contact Logging Off for a supply as members wish to renew their paths.
Communal Shed/ shelter: Looking at containers to house the equipment but also to provide shelter. We would need to apply for planning permission for this and would also need to take into account the residents in Ferndale Close. They raised no objections to the allotment site when it was set up. We are now 7 years into our 10 year lease. Tony will look into the costs for us.
Event: We are looking to re run the autumn social event again this year. We will just need to find a space for the bonfire!
We will also look at inviting a guest speaker at a social event.
A couple of pleas….. The water is now on, please ensure that taps are turned off when you leave. The water is metered.
Also, when opening the gate, please twist the combination lock so that it is not left on the numbers.
Alex declared the meeting closed.
Subscriptions to be paid to Richard, these can be made electronically this year.