Tuesday, 8 November 2011 By: Hurley Allotments

Notice of Closure - Central & Top Access

The central and top access roads will be closed for the winter from Sunday 20th November 2011.

They are being closed to allow for general maintenance (sowing and growing of grass seed). We however appreciate that there may be occasions when people need to drive to their plots but we ask that you only do this if essential (or due to mobility)
Sunday, 16 October 2011 By: Hurley Allotments

Hedging Working Parties

Many plot holders have indicated a willingness to help with the hedge planting.

We have obtained some free trees from the Woodlands Trust and are currently purchasing additional saplings. The plants are expected to be delivered week beginning 7th November. Therefore the dates for the working parties have been set as:

Ground Preparation - Saturday 29th October.
If the work can not be completed on this day it will continue on and Saturday 5th November.

Planting  - Saturday November 12th.
Again if the work can not be completed it will continue on Sunday 13th.

We would expect top start work on each of these days at approximately 10am.

There is a lot of ground preparation to be done in order to give the plants the best start we can. Tony and Dave are going to make a start on weekdays before the official working parties. If you spot them working away on the site boundary and have some time to spare please offer to help them.

Plot Assessments

Catherine Whittaker, David Welland and Alex Simpson will be carrying out an assessment of all plots on 22nd October, the assessment will focus, on weed clearance, rubbish and path maintenance.

Plot holders will be notified in writing if their plot is not being maintained to the standard expected.

Plot assessments are a normal part of allotment procedures and are used to ensure plot holders abide by their tenants agreement.
Tuesday, 27 September 2011 By: Hurley Allotments

Committee Update 16 September 2011


One full plot and one half plot now vacant, current plot holders to be given opportunity to change plots before new tenants found


The lease having been signed at the HAA official opening event, Borough Council to send us a ‘Signed & Sealed’ copy of the lease for our records.

Green House

The planning office has informed HAA that planning permission is required for additional structures including anything considered to be a ‘greenhouse’. It was agreed that a planning application would be submitted by HAA. As with the sheds the planning application will be very specific regarding size and type of structure. Application will specify polycarbonate ‘greenhouse 4 ft. deep by 6 ft. wide, positioned, adjacent to plot holders sheds. Additional details on frame type and colour to be decided.

On Site Toilet

Committee continuing to research options. Planning permission will be needed.

Water Butts 

New secure butts obtained for taps. Further butts to be obtained for plot holders if required.

Letter to be sent to all plot holders members with regards to a number of matters discussed as meeting (opportunity to move plots, indication of tenancy renewal, bees hives on site, water butts, working party for hedge planting)

Sue Rodger has a stock of potato sacks £1.30 each, notice to be placed on board.

Date of the next meeting…1st Dec 6pm 2011
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4 months in...

We have come such a long way since our first steps from where David Welland took time to collect names of individuals interested in a site and presented this to NWBC. We all owe a great deal of thanks to David for taking the initiative in doing this and for all the work he does on the site.

The site is looking great and we’re going to celebrate by having an open allotment afternoon for all plot holders their family and friends. We also hope for the afternoon to mark the official opening of the site with representatives from Warwickshire County Council and North Warwickshire County Council attending along with local press.

The open day is going to be on Saturday 20th August from 1pm onwards. The committee will arrange for a BBQ to be on site and ask that you bring your own food and refreshments. There will also be a competition for the "best four potatoes".
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How would you like our site to develop?

This is your site and only you can decide how you wish to see it develop.

What do you want to see on your site? For example do you want:-

  • Green houses
  • Toilet facilities
  • Communal compositing area

If you do want the above (or strongly object to any item) or have suggestions of your own, drop a note in the post box and the committee will look at all requests.

Please use the allotment post box to share your thoughts.

Congratulations, it's a girl!

Many congratulations to Sam and Pete Bentick on the birth of their baby daughter Anna Katie on Tuesday 26th July.  Anna weighed in at 8lb 13oz.

Committee Update 21 July 2011

A BIG REMINDER to everyone please that the gate must be closed and locked if you are the last person to leave the site, whatever the time of day.

Now that the pile of non-compostable rubbish has been removed please do not leave any more. Everyone is responsible for their own composting and rubbish removal.

Combination locks will be fitted to the water stand pipes once the meter is fitted. Like the gate, these should be closed and locked once the site is left unattended. All plot holders using water should remain aware of the requirement for the standpipes to be closed and locked when not in use, and not assume that 'someone else' will close everything up at the end of the day.

As a result of an enquiry to the committee, it's been clarified that water butts may be placed at either end of or halfway down your plot and not just next to sheds (or next to the position that shed should be in).
Sunday, 3 July 2011 0 comments By: Hurley Allotments

Planning permission is granted for sheds

We are delighted to confirm that planning permission for the erection of sheds on the allotment site has been approved.

Bulk buying discount

The comittee has arranged for a bulk buy discount on 4 ft x 6 ft sheds as follows:

  • A provisional price of £200 for tongue and groove apex sheds with a good quality roof and floor.
  • The offer applies to a single bulk order of 10 or more sheds (collectively, smaller orders will not be given discount)
  • Sheds will be erected by the company supplying providing a suitable base in is place
  • Sheds are pre-treated and are a golden brown colour.  You will be required to treat the shed within 2 months with a preservative provided (price for preservative to be confirmed) which will both preserve the shed and comply with the planning permission
  • Sheds can be supplied approx. one week from the order being placed
  • Payment will be required in advance to the committee who will arrange purchase and installation

If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer you have until 10th July 10 to register your interest by putting a note in the postbox below the noticeboard.  If 10 or more are interested payment will be required shortly after.

If you would like to view the sheds visit the production unti which is one the site of Four Oaks Reclamation near Buzzards Valley Vineyard, Drayton Bassett.

Whether you take advantage of this offer or not, please note that sheds must comply with the planning application.  This means that they must be:

  • Either a 'Type 1' 6x4 apex shed or a 'Type 2' with a 2x4 lean-to with canopy
  • Stained natural brown
  • Erected in the correct area (as marked out by the committee originally)
  • Positioned either side of the shared path with a 600mm gap between (i.e. the width of the path)
  • Those on the bottom plots should leave a 500mm gap between the shed and the back of your plot boundary (to allow for the trimming of the hedge once it is in place)

Sheds should be put on a base that is removable, such as slabs or wooden struts. Concrete bases or hard core should not be used. There are also maximum height restrictions so if you are thinking of building your own shed, please ask for details.

Type 2 Sheds are available for individual purchase (and self erection) from www.shedstore.co.uk and are currently priced at £170.

We have water!

At long last we have water on site.

Thanks must go to all of those people who've worked hard both on site and with Severn Trent to get us connected.

Always use water responsibly

Please remember that the allotment water supply is metered and that we will have to pay for the privilege of having water on site.  You can use a hose pipe (unless others are waiting to use the tap) to part fill your water butt, but please do not water your plot directly with any hose or sprinklers.
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Water news

We have been informed that the connection of the water supply by Severn Trent will start (and hopefully be completed) on 29th June.

Plot holders are reminded that our supply will be metered and therefore water should be used responsibly. The taps have to be kept locked and combination locks will be installed shortly. You will need to see a member of the committee to obtain the combination number.

Please note that direct watering of your plot via hose pipes and or sprinklers from the mains supply is not allowed.

Weed control

The warm weather and rain has made the weeds grow quickly and unchecked weeds will shortly reach the flowering and seeding stage. It is important that all plot holders prevent this happening. If left to flower and seed the weeds will be worse on your own plot but will also spread to plots that have been cleared. If you have mature weeds please chop them down before they seed!
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Committee Update 9 June 2011


Water installation is now complete inside the allotment site and we are now awaiting a further inspection. The supply pipe to the roadway has also been moved as requested. The service level for connection to the mains is 21 days after sign off of the site installation.


The planning application is progressing as expected following the end of the mandatory public consultation period on 6th June. We are exploring the possibility of bulk purchase and erection of sheds. Once we have a clear idea of potential costs we will be seeking a commitment so we can place an order. Plot holders are reminded that shed bases will need to be in place prior to erection should we be granted permission and move ahead with a bulk purchase.

Perimeter Hedging

Netting has been fitted to the perimeter fence in an attempt to create a wind shield temporarily. Our thanks must go to all those who kindly provided the materials and helped with the installation.
Hedging is currently being sourced in preparation for ordering in July for November delivery.

Gate chain/lock

The lock on the main site gate has been improved to make it easier for plot holders to access and secure the site.

Committee post box

A committee post box is being erected under the main site notice board to facilitate easier communication with your committee.


  • Permission has been granted for the erection of soft fruit frames at a height greater than 1.5m on plot 6.
  • Permission has also granted for this season for the erection of semi-permanent wind shelters above 1.5m on plots 4, 9 and 5.

Potato competition

As everyone seems to be growing potatoes it has been suggested that there should be a competition for the best dug potatoes, sometime in July. The competition will be judged by John Farmer who will award a cash prize to the winner.


We are still holding a couple of site keys that have not been collected. If you don't already have a key please contact Alex Simpson on 01827 872297, or call round to see him at 16 Wakefield Close, Hurley.

The next committee meeting will be held on 8 September 2011.
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General Update 3 June 2011

It looks like we have a glimpse of summer and the winds have finally dropped. As you will be very aware everyone’s plots recently fell victim to the high winds. We have been looking at various temporary solutions to protecting the site and are very lucky to have had some blue shielding material donated to us. We have therefore decided (as a temporary measure) to test out protecting the site by erecting it along the boundary fence. We intend making a start on Saturday 4th June at 12 noon and would be grateful of any assistance you can offer. We do not know how effective it will be or what it will look like when erected so we will review as we go. As always your views and input are appreciated.

Tenancy Rules

We have taken a look at your tenancy agreement and how the site has developed and decided that there are some rules which can be relaxed.

You are therefore no longer required to ask permission from the committee for the following temporary items:
  • Raised beds (of reasonable height and wooden construction)
  • Fruit frames (below 1.5 mtrs)
  • Compost bins
  • Protection netting
  • Post & lath (such as Raspberry frames)
  • Water butts

Please note that we do however ask the following:

  • That you seek permission in writing to the committee for anything you wish to erect over 1.5mtrs.
  • If you wish to erect a fence (between the non path partnering side of your plot), that you keep this fence no higher than the low posts currently erected and that and additional posts are flat on the top and not spiked. (this does not include temporary netting windshields.)
Tenancy agreements will be updated next year on payment of your fees.

General information

We are currently looking into having an internal post box put on the site for your comments, requests and feedback. We are also looking into creating small pigeon hole post tubes for each plot for updates from your committee in addition to the site noticeboard.

A special request from your chairman

Whilst the committee members are all happy to help and move the site forward please understand that no decisions are made by one individual. We are a group of people who believe strongly in democracy, if you have a concern raise it but please do not take your frustrations out on individual members/plot holders. Aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated and we strongly believe everyone should feel comfortable visiting their plot at all times.

Your tenancy agreement covers the process of dealing with such behaviour and the committee would prefer not to have to issue anyone with warnings which lead to withdrawl of an allotment.
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General Update 21 May 2011

Mains Water

Severn Trent Water have now inspected and passed the water pipe within the allotment site itself, hence the inspection holes have now been filled in.

We have moved to stage 2 and installed one standpipe to their specification and await another inspection this week. If the standpipe is satisfactory Severn Trent will authorise the installation of the mains supply and we will install the remaining standpipes. They have indicated a short waiting list for installation and will give us priority.

Planning Permission

The planning application for individual sheds on each plot is progressing.

Local residents have received letters and have until June 1st to register any concerns. The Planning department have also visited the site to make their own assessment. They have until July 6th to make a decision but have indicated that if no major issues are raised and decision can be expected sooner.


The Council have removed the tyres free of charge. The site must now be kept tyre free.
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Keeping The Site Tidy

On Sunday 8th May a working party made up of committee members and plot holders took steps to tidy the top corner of the site and at the same time make a start on the planned wildlife and flower area. Everyone got stuck in some of us even got watered!

Working parties will take place throughout the year and we'll always welcome an extra pair of hands from any plot holders able to help.

For updates on what's going on don't forget to check the website and notice board regularly.

Planting a tree
Preparing the ground
Working party
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Information meeting 7th May 2011

Thank you to those who were able to attend the information meeting held in the village hall on Saturday. For those who were unable to attend please see the below summary.

Water – We are currently in discussions with Seven Trent to move this on more quickly and will keep you up to date on progress.

Sheds – Planning permission has been submitted and we will confirm when this process is complete. We intend to compile a list of suppliers who are happy to give group discount on sheds, this will be confirmed at a later date.

Funds – Jobs to do with remaining funds include, fencing off of car park, hedging and start of bond. Approx £1,500.00 remaining.

Speed - Requested caution when driving on the site – keep speed down.

Weekend working parties – We will call on members from time to time for help , for instance planting of hedging October/November time. Notices will be placed on notice board. Please note we are planting several trees in the top left of the site on Sunday 8th at 5pm.

Additional membership cards – Please inform Sue Rodger if you require an additional membership card for your plot.

Sweatshirts/T-shirts/Mugs – details of available merchandise will go up on notice board shortly, the association has confirmed that they will pay for initial set up of embroidered artwork.

Member requests

Pull up area on plots – Members have requested that they can have a small area on their plots to use for unhooking trailers. The committee has no issue if you wish to do this. However please do not use your plot as a car park. We will however look at each individuals request if there is a real need to do this.

Children’s play – A member has requested that a non permanent swing and slide be brought on site. The committee has rejected this request but state that there is no issue with smaller toys being brought on site as long as they are taken away at the end of the day. We do not encourage footballs on site however, as you will agree no one wants their prize cabbages damaged or plots being run over to retrieve stray footballs.

Discussion topics

Rubbish disposal – An open discussion took place with attendees and it was agreed that no fires should take place at this time. It was agreed that the association will supply heavy duty bags for those who have remaining weeds to dispose of and do not have any other means for disposal. There will be a minimal cost to this to cover petrol and bags. Please see David Wellard (Plot 14). We are also looking to NWBC for assistance and will keep you posted.

Please also keep checking the notice board for regular updates.
Happy growing, Your Chairman Catherine (Plot 7)
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Let's get growing

It is with great pleasure that we can confirm full access to the site for all plot holders this coming Friday 22 April.

We're opening the site at 9am on Friday morning and have made arrangements for members of the committee to be available from 9-11am on Friday 22 April through to Monday 25 April to welcome you to the site, help you identify your plot and give out membership cards and keys (which should be available on Saturday).

The updated plan of the site will be available on the site noticeboard and plots should be numbered. Please note that due to an increase in the number of plots on the site your original Plot number may have changed, so please check before starting any work.

If for any reason you are unable to attend this weekend and you would like to make alternative arrangements to collect your membership card and keys please contact Alex on 01827 872297, or call round to see him at 16 Wakefield Close, Hurley.

Once you've collected your membership card you will be free to work on your plot as you wish from Friday onwards (from Dawn until Dusk).

There are still a few issues to be resolved and this letter detailing some of these along with a few other items of interest will be circulated to all plot holders this week - this includes information about the planning application for sheds and the plans for plot boundaries and pathways.

Work will also continue finalising some of the laying out of the site so if anyone is willing to lend a hand on Friday with a few of these tasks your help would be gratefully received.

If you are planning to come to the site this weekend, may we remind you that there is limited parking on the site and that there is no parking available on Ferndale Close.

It is also worth noting that there will be no mains water on the site for a further 3-4 weeks, so please bear that in mind if you are planning to plant anything out straight away.

Hurley schoolchildren help create new logo for Allotment Association

Creative children at Hurley Primary School put on their thinking caps and came up with some colourful designs for a logo for the new Hurley Allotment Association.

Winners Bobby Robinson, Emilia Marsell and Mae Thompson received their prizes of a certificate and Easter Egg each at their last school assembly of term.

Allotment Association members, Catherine Whittaker, Chair; Alex Simpson, Membership Secretary and Sylvia Burns, Secretary also presented the school with 12 vegetable growing kits and a packet of sunflower seeds.

Catherine said: “ We were absolutely delighted with the response from the children and I think they are all winners! We’ve taken elements of the best three designs which now form our new Hurley Allotment Association logo. We look forward to working with the school in the future”

We've also published a gallery showcasing some of the entries we received, including the 3 winning entries below.

by Bobby Robinson
by Mae Thompson
by Emilia Marsell
Tuesday, 12 April 2011 0 comments By: Hurley Allotments

Waiting for the lease

As of Tuesday 12th April 2011, we are still waiting for the lease to be finalised through Warwickshire County Council.

Whilst the site preparations have taken a step forward recently (with the permission of the Council), we are unable to open the site to plot holders until the lease is in place and importantly the site insurance is valid.

We fully expect to be in full possession of the site by the coming Bank Holiday and will communicate to all plot holders as soon as we are able to fully open the site.
Monday, 11 April 2011 0 comments By: Hurley Allotments

Marking out

With the large agricultural machinery completing the preparation of the strips of land that will form the plots on Saturday morning we were finally able to properly measure and mark out the individual plots and the intended location of each plots' shed on Sunday.

This was the first time the site had been measured properly since the initial plans were drawn up and we discovered that we were able to include one extra 21m by 7m plot on both strips of land, increasing the total number of full size plots from 26 to 28.

There are still a small number of plots available, but it's first come, first served so do hurry.

Marking out
Marking out plots
Marking out sheds

Rabbit proofing

The setup of the new allotment site continued this weekend with the addition of rabbit proofing measures to the new fencing that was erected last week.

A number of committee members and allotment holders spent most of Saturday digging trenches around 2 sides of the site to allow a smaller mesh of fencing material to be fixed to the current fence and buried in the ground.

The smaller mesh fencing has also been fitted around the other two sides of the side, but with the ground being too hard to dig and inaccessible in some areas it has been fitted close to the ground and will be covered over with a suitable material in due course.

Our grateful thanks to all those who turned out to help in the glorious sunshine.

Digging a trench
Digging a trench
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Work commences on the site

Work has now started on preparing the site with the permission of the site owners whilst the lease is still being finalised.

The water pipes were laid during the week commencing 28 March and then work started on the site itself over the weekend of 2/3 April, including:

  • Initial ploughing and harrowing of the two strips of land forming the allotments.
  • Excavation and laying of hardcore for the entrance and parking area.
  • Removal of a dead tree on the southern boundary of the site.

The images below show the site before and after this weekend's activity.


Inaugural AGM

The inaugural annual general meeting of Hurley Allotment Association was held in the Hurley village hall on 10th March 2011.

All prospective members who had previously registered an interest in taking a plot were invited to attend to choose a plot, pay their annual rent and become a member.  There was an excellent turn out and the majority of the 29 available plots were taken.

As some time had passed since the last meeting Catherine Whittaker made a short presentation outlining the progress that had been made in securing the site from Warwickshire County Council with the help and assistance of North Warwickshire Borough Council.

Officers of the association were elected and the Articles of the Constitution were approved.