Saturday, 21 May 2011 By: Hurley Allotments

General Update 21 May 2011

Mains Water

Severn Trent Water have now inspected and passed the water pipe within the allotment site itself, hence the inspection holes have now been filled in.

We have moved to stage 2 and installed one standpipe to their specification and await another inspection this week. If the standpipe is satisfactory Severn Trent will authorise the installation of the mains supply and we will install the remaining standpipes. They have indicated a short waiting list for installation and will give us priority.

Planning Permission

The planning application for individual sheds on each plot is progressing.

Local residents have received letters and have until June 1st to register any concerns. The Planning department have also visited the site to make their own assessment. They have until July 6th to make a decision but have indicated that if no major issues are raised and decision can be expected sooner.


The Council have removed the tyres free of charge. The site must now be kept tyre free.


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