Thursday, 9 June 2011 By: Hurley Allotments

Committee Update 9 June 2011


Water installation is now complete inside the allotment site and we are now awaiting a further inspection. The supply pipe to the roadway has also been moved as requested. The service level for connection to the mains is 21 days after sign off of the site installation.


The planning application is progressing as expected following the end of the mandatory public consultation period on 6th June. We are exploring the possibility of bulk purchase and erection of sheds. Once we have a clear idea of potential costs we will be seeking a commitment so we can place an order. Plot holders are reminded that shed bases will need to be in place prior to erection should we be granted permission and move ahead with a bulk purchase.

Perimeter Hedging

Netting has been fitted to the perimeter fence in an attempt to create a wind shield temporarily. Our thanks must go to all those who kindly provided the materials and helped with the installation.
Hedging is currently being sourced in preparation for ordering in July for November delivery.

Gate chain/lock

The lock on the main site gate has been improved to make it easier for plot holders to access and secure the site.

Committee post box

A committee post box is being erected under the main site notice board to facilitate easier communication with your committee.


  • Permission has been granted for the erection of soft fruit frames at a height greater than 1.5m on plot 6.
  • Permission has also granted for this season for the erection of semi-permanent wind shelters above 1.5m on plots 4, 9 and 5.

Potato competition

As everyone seems to be growing potatoes it has been suggested that there should be a competition for the best dug potatoes, sometime in July. The competition will be judged by John Farmer who will award a cash prize to the winner.


We are still holding a couple of site keys that have not been collected. If you don't already have a key please contact Alex Simpson on 01827 872297, or call round to see him at 16 Wakefield Close, Hurley.

The next committee meeting will be held on 8 September 2011.


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