Saturday, 4 June 2011 By: Hurley Allotments

General Update 3 June 2011

It looks like we have a glimpse of summer and the winds have finally dropped. As you will be very aware everyone’s plots recently fell victim to the high winds. We have been looking at various temporary solutions to protecting the site and are very lucky to have had some blue shielding material donated to us. We have therefore decided (as a temporary measure) to test out protecting the site by erecting it along the boundary fence. We intend making a start on Saturday 4th June at 12 noon and would be grateful of any assistance you can offer. We do not know how effective it will be or what it will look like when erected so we will review as we go. As always your views and input are appreciated.

Tenancy Rules

We have taken a look at your tenancy agreement and how the site has developed and decided that there are some rules which can be relaxed.

You are therefore no longer required to ask permission from the committee for the following temporary items:
  • Raised beds (of reasonable height and wooden construction)
  • Fruit frames (below 1.5 mtrs)
  • Compost bins
  • Protection netting
  • Post & lath (such as Raspberry frames)
  • Water butts

Please note that we do however ask the following:

  • That you seek permission in writing to the committee for anything you wish to erect over 1.5mtrs.
  • If you wish to erect a fence (between the non path partnering side of your plot), that you keep this fence no higher than the low posts currently erected and that and additional posts are flat on the top and not spiked. (this does not include temporary netting windshields.)
Tenancy agreements will be updated next year on payment of your fees.

General information

We are currently looking into having an internal post box put on the site for your comments, requests and feedback. We are also looking into creating small pigeon hole post tubes for each plot for updates from your committee in addition to the site noticeboard.

A special request from your chairman

Whilst the committee members are all happy to help and move the site forward please understand that no decisions are made by one individual. We are a group of people who believe strongly in democracy, if you have a concern raise it but please do not take your frustrations out on individual members/plot holders. Aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated and we strongly believe everyone should feel comfortable visiting their plot at all times.

Your tenancy agreement covers the process of dealing with such behaviour and the committee would prefer not to have to issue anyone with warnings which lead to withdrawl of an allotment.


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