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How would you like our site to develop?

This is your site and only you can decide how you wish to see it develop.

What do you want to see on your site? For example do you want:-

  • Green houses
  • Toilet facilities
  • Communal compositing area

If you do want the above (or strongly object to any item) or have suggestions of your own, drop a note in the post box and the committee will look at all requests.

Please use the allotment post box to share your thoughts.

Congratulations, it's a girl!

Many congratulations to Sam and Pete Bentick on the birth of their baby daughter Anna Katie on Tuesday 26th July.  Anna weighed in at 8lb 13oz.

Committee Update 21 July 2011

A BIG REMINDER to everyone please that the gate must be closed and locked if you are the last person to leave the site, whatever the time of day.

Now that the pile of non-compostable rubbish has been removed please do not leave any more. Everyone is responsible for their own composting and rubbish removal.

Combination locks will be fitted to the water stand pipes once the meter is fitted. Like the gate, these should be closed and locked once the site is left unattended. All plot holders using water should remain aware of the requirement for the standpipes to be closed and locked when not in use, and not assume that 'someone else' will close everything up at the end of the day.

As a result of an enquiry to the committee, it's been clarified that water butts may be placed at either end of or halfway down your plot and not just next to sheds (or next to the position that shed should be in).
Sunday, 3 July 2011 0 comments By: Hurley Allotments

Planning permission is granted for sheds

We are delighted to confirm that planning permission for the erection of sheds on the allotment site has been approved.

Bulk buying discount

The comittee has arranged for a bulk buy discount on 4 ft x 6 ft sheds as follows:

  • A provisional price of £200 for tongue and groove apex sheds with a good quality roof and floor.
  • The offer applies to a single bulk order of 10 or more sheds (collectively, smaller orders will not be given discount)
  • Sheds will be erected by the company supplying providing a suitable base in is place
  • Sheds are pre-treated and are a golden brown colour.  You will be required to treat the shed within 2 months with a preservative provided (price for preservative to be confirmed) which will both preserve the shed and comply with the planning permission
  • Sheds can be supplied approx. one week from the order being placed
  • Payment will be required in advance to the committee who will arrange purchase and installation

If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer you have until 10th July 10 to register your interest by putting a note in the postbox below the noticeboard.  If 10 or more are interested payment will be required shortly after.

If you would like to view the sheds visit the production unti which is one the site of Four Oaks Reclamation near Buzzards Valley Vineyard, Drayton Bassett.

Whether you take advantage of this offer or not, please note that sheds must comply with the planning application.  This means that they must be:

  • Either a 'Type 1' 6x4 apex shed or a 'Type 2' with a 2x4 lean-to with canopy
  • Stained natural brown
  • Erected in the correct area (as marked out by the committee originally)
  • Positioned either side of the shared path with a 600mm gap between (i.e. the width of the path)
  • Those on the bottom plots should leave a 500mm gap between the shed and the back of your plot boundary (to allow for the trimming of the hedge once it is in place)

Sheds should be put on a base that is removable, such as slabs or wooden struts. Concrete bases or hard core should not be used. There are also maximum height restrictions so if you are thinking of building your own shed, please ask for details.

Type 2 Sheds are available for individual purchase (and self erection) from and are currently priced at £170.

We have water!

At long last we have water on site.

Thanks must go to all of those people who've worked hard both on site and with Severn Trent to get us connected.

Always use water responsibly

Please remember that the allotment water supply is metered and that we will have to pay for the privilege of having water on site.  You can use a hose pipe (unless others are waiting to use the tap) to part fill your water butt, but please do not water your plot directly with any hose or sprinklers.