Tuesday, 27 September 2011 By: Hurley Allotments

Committee Update 16 September 2011


One full plot and one half plot now vacant, current plot holders to be given opportunity to change plots before new tenants found


The lease having been signed at the HAA official opening event, Borough Council to send us a ‘Signed & Sealed’ copy of the lease for our records.

Green House

The planning office has informed HAA that planning permission is required for additional structures including anything considered to be a ‘greenhouse’. It was agreed that a planning application would be submitted by HAA. As with the sheds the planning application will be very specific regarding size and type of structure. Application will specify polycarbonate ‘greenhouse 4 ft. deep by 6 ft. wide, positioned, adjacent to plot holders sheds. Additional details on frame type and colour to be decided.

On Site Toilet

Committee continuing to research options. Planning permission will be needed.

Water Butts 

New secure butts obtained for taps. Further butts to be obtained for plot holders if required.

Letter to be sent to all plot holders members with regards to a number of matters discussed as meeting (opportunity to move plots, indication of tenancy renewal, bees hives on site, water butts, working party for hedge planting)

Sue Rodger has a stock of potato sacks £1.30 each, notice to be placed on board.

Date of the next meeting…1st Dec 6pm 2011