Friday, 9 March 2012 By: Switch Design Consultancy

Committee Update - 9th Mar 2012

This was the first of the new style committee meetings as agreed at the February AGM. No items were put forward for discussion by plot holders and only one plot holder attended. The following is a summary of the main discussions. If anyone wishes to view the full minutes they will be available at the next committee meeting.

Greenhouses and walk in polytunnels/fruit cages

Zoe Davies of WBC has spoken with WBC Planning and we have been advised to submit a description of the structures we are considering having on site. Planning will then inform us if a planning application is required. It was agreed that this submission will ask if planning permission is needed for polycarbonate greenhouses up to 6’ by 8’ and walk in structures up to 10’ by 20’. We will also seek advice on a screened toilet area. These are the maximum dimensions of structures on full plot, structures on half plots would be half this size.


Eleven plot fees are outstanding, these must be paid to the Treasurer by 31st March for tenancy to continue


Total £2711.70 however invoice for 2x£250 for rent just received

Working Group

It was agreed working groups would be set up to take forward tasks between committee meetings. Everyone is welcome to join a working group, it is hoped this will involve more people in the running of the site. The following working groups were identified

  • Planting remainder of the hedge
  • Development and maintenance of the community area
  • Summer Event

If you would like to join one of these groups then speak to or email the committee.

To get the working parties started it was agreed

  • Sylvia would co-ordinate the remainder of the planting
  • Sue/ Dave/Dave would draw up plans for the community orchard and arrange planting of the fruit trees recently purchased
  • Sylvia will canvass plot holders re their preferences for a summer event.