Thursday, 2 May 2013 By: HAA

Committee Meeting Update April 2013

The committee met for the first time since the AGM on 15th April 2013. This was a closed meeting at which the committee dealt with routine matters. The next meeting will be an open meeting at which you are all welcome. Please put 17th May in your diary for the next meeting.

Other dates for your diary are
  • 11th May Plot inspections
  • 18th May Working Party

The full minutes of the meeting are available if you wish to see them (ask Sylvia for a copy).

The key points from the meeting are:

Committee roles:  Alex Simpson has agreed to remain as Chair. Sylvia Burns is to remain as secretary and Ron Westwood as Treasurer. As Dave Welland has not renewed his tenancy there is a vacancy on the committee. If you are interested in joining the committee speak to a committee member

Plot Fees/ Finance: Due to Ron’s accident, Sylvia has been collecting the plot fees. Of 31 plots, 25 have paid. We still plan to issue Membership Cards as proof of payment.    So far this year we have paid the site Insurance and a water bill and we are awaiting a bill for the site rent.

Unpaid Plot Fees: at the time of the meeting 6 tenants had not paid their fees nor contacted the Association to inform us of their intentions. This means there are 3 full plots and 3 half plots possibly vacant. Rents were due by 31st March.  Letters were hand delivered to those that had not paid to advise that they had until 7th April to pay their fees or to contact a member of the committee.  No responses were received   so it was agreed further letters would be sent to advise that they had terminated their tenancies due to non-payment of rent.  Final date of 25th April was to be given after which the plots would be re-let. . The plots are 10, 14, 15, 16 A, 17 A and 17 B.

Vacant Plots: Plans for re-letting plots confirmed to be vacant were discussed. If anybody knows anyone interested in having a plot please encourage them to contact the committee.

Membership of the National Allotment Association: All plot holders are to be signed up for another 12 months. Cost £2 per plot. (this is included in your rent so no further payment required). Committee will pay the fees of just the plots which are currently let.

Temporary Roadway: It was agreed that the ‘temporary’ roadway running behind the top plots will now be closed.  A proposal was also made to take plot 16 A (should it be confirmed to be vacant) out of use    and to convert it into a turning place along the central driveway.  The temporary road way will be closed off with posts and rails which can be removed for grass cutting etc.

Site Jobs:  started or on-going

  • WATER: Repairs have been made to the burst pipes to enable water to be turned on.  
  • PLOT INSPECTIONS: Moved to the weekend after the Bank Holiday 11th May 2013.
  • HEDGE: Extra saplings have been planted to replace spaces. Sue has the remainder to nurture on.
  • GRASS CUTTING: The committee is looking at alternatives for grass cutting following theft of lawn mower.  If anyone has a mover or strimmer please try and bring it along to the working party.
  • LOCK: David Williams is looking into costs of changing the current lock to a combination lock.
  • TURNING POINT: creation of turning point on central roadway.
  • TIDY UP: particularly behind plots 14 and 15

It was decided to have another working party  10 am Saturday 18th May 2013 please try and come along to help keep the site tidy and tackle some of these jobs.

Date of Next Meeting: This will be an open meeting on Friday 17th May 2013 at 7pm.