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2016 AGM Minutes

Hurley Allotment Association: Committee Meeting.

Meeting held 29th January 2016 at 7.30pm.
Present: Alex Simpson, Sylvia Burns, David Williams, Dean Snowden, Ron Westwood, Sue Rodger. Apologies: Tony Allton.
Minutes: Julie Williams.
1) Minutes of the last meeting: Minutes from 26th November 2015 approved.
2) Matters arising/ outstanding actions:
Working party held on 21st November 2015 was a success. Trees were trimmed, chippings were moved to along the hedge and at the top of the site. Bird boxes were put up and the toilet was cleaned. Sylvia has arranged a temporary stop to the chippings and will advise when we want some more.
Following on from the plot inspections, letters were drafted but not sent to the 3 plot holders. Sylvia will re draft these letters and send out with reminders for the AGM.
Donated bench: Still to be collected. Sue has advised that it is still available.
Cherry Tree: Dean had been looking at the various varieties on offer. Some are self- fertile costing around £20 to £30. After discussion, Dean will order the tree online.
Equipment: David has been looking at the various types of strimmers and hedge cutters available. Discussions around the type of tools we need now, hedge trimmer, and what we would like, a strimmer that everyone can use. We need to look at costs and how sturdy some of these are. David will look again and report his findings.
3) Update:
North Warwickshire Federation: AGM Awards evening 2016. This was held at Hurley Village Hall. They like to move around the area. They are keen to promote the annual awards. You have to enter rather than be automatically entered. We will discuss this at the AGM. First time plot holders can enter as well, there will be extra categories. They are looking to hold open days at the various sites.
National gardens, Coventry area, have employed someone to run a vermin control course. This costs around £75. Sylvia has advised that we are potentially interested.
4) AGM Planning:
Revised date 26th February 2016. Hall booked. Start time 7.30, committee to meet at 7pm.
Sue Rodger is unsure of whether to continue on the committee due to other commitments, she will decide on the night once we know whether anyone else would like to stand. Sylvia will invite volunteers in the paperwork sent out for the AGM.
Dean needs to be re-elected on the night, we can have 10 members.
Guest speaker: Sylvia will try to get someone.
Treasurers Report: draft accounts discussed. Waiting for further information from Ron.
Membership cards: Sue is checking whether they still have the art work in order to print more cards.
Agenda for AGM is to include the summer event, food, ideas for the future, to see whether Andy Simmons would like to join the committee.

Meeting closed.


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