Tenancy Agreement

Tenancy Agreement (Adopted AGM 2013)

Hurley Allotments are wholly managed and maintained by Hurley Allotment Association on land leased from Warwickshire County Council

In renting an allotment the tenant automatically becomes a member of the Association and thereby becomes responsible for the management and maintenance of the site.  In signing this tenancy agreement the tenant agrees to abide by the Association Constitution and tenancy agreement.   Plot holders are encouraged to be part of the running of the site, to attend open committee meetings, annual general meetings and take part in working parties and social events

 The tenancy is subject to the following conditions:

  • Payment of rent by 31st March each year.
  • Cultivation of the allotment wholly or mainly for the production of fruit, herbs and vegetable crops.
  • ‘Not for profit’ cultivation
  • The allotment shall be well maintained at all times. Vegetables, fruit trees or bushes and flowers should be planted and maintained such that they do not encroach on neighbouring plots, paths or roadways. Plot inspections will take place at least three times per year (e.g. April, June, and October) and at any time at the discretion of the Committee. If the committee considers a plot does not meet the expected standard the tenant will receive a letter detailing the issues to be addressed. From the date of the letter the tenant will have 28 days to address the issues to the satisfaction of the committee. After 28 days the plot will be re-inspected. If the plot is still unsatisfactory the tenancy may be terminated by the committee with immediate effect. If there are mitigating circumstances why tenancy should not be terminated these must be notified to the committee in writing
  • Structures must comply with the rules of the Association and planning restrictions. The following structures are allowed
    • Temporary netted structures less than 1.5 metres in height
    • Sheds that comply with the granted planning permission (detailed specification available from the Committee). 
    • Cold frames and cloches  up to 1 metre in height
    • Compost bins
    • Covered water barrels or tubs
    • Raised beds up to 60 cm in height
    • Boundary fencing between adjacent plots of no more than 45 cm in height.
Structures must not shadow neighbouring plots. All structures must be kept in a good condition and be secure in high winds and other bad weather. Glass is not allowed in any structure. Green houses and poly tunnels are not allowed.
  • All tenants have a duty of care on their allotment; the plot must be kept free of hazards e.g. broken glass, barbed wire or scrap metal. No refuse shall be brought onto the Allotment site. Any refuse created on the site should be disposed of responsibly.
  • Green waste and excess crops can be left in the area designated for animal fodder (top left of car park). Thus ‘waste will be collect regularly by a local smallholder. Soil, potato tops or matter treat with weed killer must not be left for the animals
  • All tenants must maintain the 1 metre strip of land behind their plot in addition to the path between adjacent plots.
  • The paths between plots are not part of the tenants plot and can be walked on by others.
  • Consideration must be shown to other members and neighbouring residents in particular in regard to use of noisy machinery, mowers, strimmers and radios
  • Bad behaviour including bullying, intimidation and abuse of other peoples plots or property is unacceptable and may lead to termination of tenancy,
  • Participation in the general maintenance of the allotment site e.g.  work parties, volunteering for specific tasks or serving on the committee
  • Responsible use of water. Water is metered and the cost will be split equally and applied to the annual membership fee. Sprinkler systems are not allowed. Hoses may only be used to fill water storage containers and cannot be used for direct watering. Water will be turned off during winter months.
  • The tenant cannot sublet, assign or part with any plot or part thereof. Plot holders may have help maintaining their plot from friends and family.
  • Any materials purchased by the allotment association shall not be taken or used for personal use other than the prescribed use on site.
  • Bonfires are not allowed.
  • Access to the site is permitted only from dawn to dusk. Access at other times will be in exceptional circumstances only i.e. adverse weather or security incidents.  The last tenant leaving the site must lock the gate.
  • Cars should be parked on the car park; heavy items can be delivered or collected by use of the designated access roadway(s). Parking of cars on Ferndale Close is not allowed at any time.  
  • The tenant will ensure any children on the site are adequately supervised at all times
  • Dogs (and other pets) are only allowed on the site on a leash and must be kept under control at all times.
  • No livestock (or other animals) shall be kept on the Hurley Allotment Association site.

The tenancy shall be terminated by any of the following:
  • Termination  by the tenant
  • The non-payment of rent  by 31st March
  • In the opinion of the committee the tenant not duly observing the conditions of the tenancy agreement including non-cultivation
  • In the opinion of the committee the tenant not conforming  to the rules and decisions of the Association
  • Termination of the lease by the Land Owner.

If a tenancy is terminated by the Association the procedure set out in the Constitution will be followed.