Useful information

Wood/Leaf Mulch
Inexpensive chipped wood/leaf mulch for covering main or internal paths can be obtained from David Burnham of Logging Off (Mobile 07748 607942).

Cheap slabs can be purchased from Blythe Mill on the road to Coleshill.

Netting for cabbage tunnels can be purchased in rolls from Tarpaflex tel 01409 221192 – see Sylvia for more information.

Your annual rent includes membership of the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardener s. We receives copies of their magazine and we will circulate them to members. You can also pay a little extra and receive your own copy – see website.

Join Tamworth Allotment Society for £3 and get some bargains. See the notice board for directions.

See Dave or Ron is you want to hire rotavators – again funds go to the association for the benefit of all.

If anyone has any useful information please let us know.